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The MobiAD Campaign Showcase is where you can find the actual advertising campaigns that are running from around the world. You can see what the consumer sees, and understand what works and what doesn't.
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Every once in awhile we see a mobile-based application that is just so innovative we have to write about it.

And the "Pay-per-Laugh" application from TeatreNeu certainly fits this category.

See how a struggling theater in Spain used iPads and facial (smile) recognition to save their business!

18. 09. 2014.
anzac2014Very often we tend to focus on the newest, high-technology aspects of mobile marketing. Somehow it seems that the latest features must be the most important for attracting consumers.

But every once in awhile we see a campaign that reminds us that in fact, marketing is all about engaging people at an emotional level - this is what really counts.

Take a look at this campaign that was put together to help drive donations for the Anzac Appeal in Australia this year.

16. 07. 2014.
Nivea has long been established as a brand that stands for protecting people's skin - on the beach, when skiing, all the time. Absolutely, sunblock is crucial when taking kids to the beach or during sunny days to protect their delicate skin from harmful UV rays. It is equally important to dress them in appropriate clothing that provides sun protection. Websites like Pastel Collections offer a range of kids' clothes that are not only fashionable but also designed to provide sun protection, ensuring their safety and comfort under the sun. Prioritizing sun safety and investing in the right clothing can help parents enjoy outdoor activities with their children while safeguarding their skin health.

This summer in Brazil, Nivea wanted to expand their engagement, particularly with mothers, and particularly related to sun protection products.

The result is one of the most interesting campaigns we've seen for quite some time, combining a branded mobile app with a disposable location tag to provide parents with peace of mind at the beach this summer.

24. 06. 2014.
Big sporting events always mean big advertising budgets, and brands trying to go the extra mile to capitalize on the fans' enthusiasm.

The biggest sporting event of 2014 is undoubtedly the World Cup in Brazil, and McDonald's has launched a new campaign using augmented reality to engage fans while they are eating.

26. 05. 2014.
World Cup 2014 will soon be here, so Coca-Cola has launched a special series of bottles to celebrate the event. These collectible mini-bottles are decorated with special national colors, and are interactive so that fans around the world can connect over the "Copa del Mundo".

02. 02. 2014.
Finding the perfect gift for a child at Christmas time can sometimes be a very difficult task.

However, this past year toy company Toys R Us ran an innovative mobile ad campaign which included voice recognition to help mobile shoppers find just the right toys.

07. 01. 2014.
tumblr_inline_mv55l6vrby1rehoax.jpgP&G’s deodorant brand, Secret has had a long running communications drive against teenage bullying.

Now Secret has launched a new mobile campaign using Snap’s mobile app that encourages teenagers to customize photos and spread an anti-bullying message to their friends and family.

13. 11. 2013.
FIFA 14 is the latest version of the EA SPORTS FIFA series, one of the most popular video game series ever.

This year, EA Sports decided to run a very targeted mobile campaign around the launch of FIFA 14, trying to reach true football fans, and at the moment when they are most in the mood to think about football.

07. 10. 2013.
Over the past 10 years there have been volumes written about the potential of using NFC for mobile payments. But no matter how much support from banks, card schemes, and mobile operators, NFC payments has had a very slow uptake.

But NFC can be used for many purposes other than payments.

Now Guiness, the world's number one stout, has implemented a mobile marketing campaign which simply uses NFC to engage and reward customers in the pub.

Perhaps this is where NFC will finally be successful!

20. 09. 2013.
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The best advertising campaigns are often those that help people communicate their true feelings and emotions.

This mobile campaign from Diageo, which ran in Brazil, does just that. And although its not overly complex or hi-tech, it certainly adds a bit of fun and helped people express what they really feel on Father's Day.

And according to Diageo, they learned several key lessons from running this campaign.

07. 08. 2013.
chok_header.jpgCoca-Cola has had a long history of successful, innovative advertising in many media. Last summer, Coke ran a campaign in Hong Kong that successfully combined the reach of TV with the engagement of mobile to create a true phenomenon across the region.

17. 04. 2013.
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MobiAD » New Augmented Reality App - Huggies "Pull Ups"hugies.jpgAugmented reality isn't a particularly new concept, and quite a few mobile apps incorporate it - often for gaming purposes. Now however, one company has found a unique use for AR technology: potty training.

Kimberly Clark, the company behind Huggies Pull Ups, has created a free app to help children and their parents work together through this special event.

27. 01. 2013.
We are always looking for innovative new mobile marketing campaigns to share on MobiAD News - campaigns that manage to engage consumers in unique ways to build a brand or drive sales.

Americanino is a Chilean apparel brand that put together a truly unique "Pop-Up" campaign based on an outdoor QR code. Their "Hypnotize" campaign convinced young Chileans to take their clothes off in public to win new fashion items!

18. 12. 2012.
buycoke_topimage_200×238.jpgWouldn't it be great to take some of the best advertising campaigns from the past, and bring them into the 21st century world of mobile?

This is exactly what Google and Coke have done. They teamed up to re-interpret one of the most iconic ad campaigns of all time, with some of the most creative use of mobile technology that we have seen.

The results worked so well that the campaign was awarded the first Mobile Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions festival.

09. 11. 2012.
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When Ubisoft was preparing to launch their Wii game "Just Dance 3", one of their key objectives was to broaden the target of the Just Dance series beyond their traditional core customer base of teenage girls.

Widening the audience for the games meant finding a way to market to non-traditional Just Dance fans, and it turned out that using a mobile app was a great way to go!

15. 10. 2012.
pg-walmart.jpgDespite being the biggest retailer in the US, Walmart has never managed to make it in New York or other urban centers.

However a recent campaign launched in partnership with Proctor & Gamble aims to change this by making the most of their mobile and e-commerce platforms.

18. 08. 2012.
hotter-the-day_200×289.jpgBudweiser Ice Cold Index

Beer is of course a very popular drink in Ireland, and most people already have a favorite brand of beer that they drink on a regular basis.

So what can a beer brand do to encourage Irish men to try a different beer when they go to the pub?

Budweiser found the answer to this challenge in a very innovate mobile campaign that provided mobile coupons whose value varied according to the local weather!

07. 06. 2012.
As part of the US launch of Marvel’s The Avengers in cinemas, the promoters have teamed up with Walmart in order to offer Walmart shoppers access to a super hero Augmented Reality game.

15. 05. 2012.
samsung-angry-birds.pngWhen Samsung launched their new Galaxy SII handset they were faced with the usual marketing conundrum of how to create a buzz around the launch of a Smartphone in an overcrowded and over-hyped marketplace

Having identified that their target audience spent more time on social games than they did watching prime time television, they came up with the idea of creating an exclusive level of the Angry Birds game.

And the results were spectacular!

11. 03. 2012.
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Part of the beauty of football is that every fan believes they are an expert, and every fan believes they know better than the manager how to run the team. But usually fans do not get a chance to manage a team.

This past summer, Carling Black Label changed all of this, and gave football fans in South Africa the opportunity to “manage” two of the most famous teams in South Africa for one of the biggest matches of the year.

With an easy to use mobile interface, the fans responded by the millions!

05. 02. 2012.
googleflutop.jpgWinter is the flu season around the world, and many companies launch special advertising campaigns at this time of year for flu related products.

When Vicks - a leading provider of cold & flu medicine - rolled out a mobile marketing campaign for their Behind Ear Thermometer they wanted to target only consumers in locations where the flu was common.

Sound impossible? Read how a special free service from Google helped them accomplish this objective!

04. 01. 2012.
coke_white_can.jpgFor quite some time, the Coca-Cola company has been supporting environmental causes, including contributions to World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) to help the group protect polar bears and their habitat.

This year, for their Christmas campaign, Coke has begun shipping Coke in an all-white can, and has been encouraging consumers to scan the can to make a contribution to the fund.

01. 12. 2011.
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hand_wave.jpgThere are lots of cooking apps around, but only one that lets you control the cookbook with a wave of your hand!

My Kitchen Table, a new cooking app from personal media company TigerSpike in partnership with Ebury Publishing brings together great recipes with innovative technology to improve the cooking experience.

30. 11. 2011.
asos_title2.jpgUK online retailer ASOS is extending its mobile commerce strategy with the launch of its first mobile commerce app for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch).

This comes after the company recorded an 800% year-on-year growth in mobile revenues.

06. 10. 2011.
domino_pizza.jpgDomino’s Pizza has had an active, ongoing commitment to the mobile commerce, believing that mobile will grow into an important channel to reach their customers.

Now they have taken this commitment to the next level with the release of an iPad app that allows consumers to order their pizzas directly from their device.

06. 10. 2011.
Augmented Reality (AR) is an interesting technology that has been rapidly adopted by mobile marketers over the past couple of years.

This campaign from Cadbury is based around a fairly simple AR game - the clever part is that the game is triggered simply by pointing the phone at a Cadbury product!

01. 09. 2011.
While common wisdom says that it is most effective to plan the mobile component of a campaign at the same time as planning the rest of the campaign, it doesn't always have to be the case.

Barclaycard's Waterslide Extreme is one of the most popular branded apps ever, and it was made purely an afterthought!

21. 08. 2011.
homeplus-man-shopping.jpgEveryone knows that building new retail stores is expensive and takes a lot of time. But what if building a new store could be as easy as printing a poster?

Global food chain Tesco was finding it hard to compete in the Korean market, until they decided to do just that.

Check out this very cool use of mobile!

30. 07. 2011.
One the biggest consumer trends in television these days is the rapid growth of the "Dual Screen" experience. In other words, viewers who use a mobile or a PC at the same time as they watch a normal show on TV to augment the TV experience.

Building on this new consumer trend, global beer brand Heineken has launched what they claim to be the first "dual screen" mobile marketing campaign around the 2011 UEFA Champions League tournament.

Heineken’s Starplayer app is a real-time mobile game that gets fans engaged with the brand and their favorite football team at the same time.

06. 05. 2011.
We all know that buying a new car is a major undertaking, usually including many visits to a car dealership to see the latest models available.

But what if you could see a new car and explore its features without going to a dealer?

This is exactly what this innovative Augmented Reality campaign does, enabling British car shoppers to see and play with the new Ford C Max car - in the palm of their hand!

24. 03. 2011.
salvation-army-cup.gifThe Salvation Army has reported that its app “Daily Cup” has been downloaded 190,000 times in 6 weeks from the GetJar app market place, and has generated a high level of consumer interaction.

The campaign is intended to use the mobile device to allow the Salvation Army to forge relationships with younger donors, with the aim of sustaining these relationships as they grow older.

27. 02. 2011.
cornetto-big-3.jpgIstanbul is one of the most vibrant cities in Europe, and the Beyoglu district is the heart of the city. What a perfect place to launch an innovative mobile marketing campaign that brings together a brand message of love and fun with leading edge mobile technology.

Last summer, mobile agency Mobilera teamed up with media agency Outeractive to do just that for Unilever's Cornetto brand, bringing an outdoor audience participation multi-player mobile game to the millions that pass through this neighborhood on a daily basis.

The Cornetto mobile game campaign won the 2011 GSMA Award for "Best Mobile Advertising & Marketing Campaign"!

09. 02. 2011.
Last spring Apple introduced iAd, their mobile ad platform for iPhone that was intended to raise the bar on mobile advertising. Since then, the use of iAds has been growing, with several high profile brands running campaigns.

Now Apple has brought iAds to the iPad in a move to broaden the reach of the ad platform as well as to help iPad developers establish an additional revenue stream.

12. 01. 2011.
anina.gifFashion designers are always eager to reach out, communicate, and build brand awareness with the next generation fashion consumers.

Now there is a mobile game - Anina Dress Up - developed by an insider in the fashion industry, that helps them do just that.

20. 11. 2010.
An endless stream of denim content with the swipe of your finger


If it is true that the iPad is really just like an iPhone with a larger screen, than innovative brands should be able to combine the interactivity of an iPhone with the graphics of an iPad to come up with a great user experience for marketing.

Now fashion brand Gap has done just that.

In the past Gap has launched iPhone apps to bring GAP fashion to their customers. Now they have teamed with agency AKQA to launch an ambitious iPad application to really take advantage of the beautiful iPad screen.

29. 10. 2010.
wilkinson-sword.gifWilkinson sword has integrated a QR code element as part of the launch campaign for its new Hydro Razor 5 in the UK.

The £20 million campaign includes TV, print and digital advertising including high impact takeovers on MSN, Yahoo, YouTube and a brand page on Facebook.

28. 10. 2010.
corona-2-bottles.gifGetting access to accurate campaign results information is usually very difficult - most brands prefer to guard this information as a competitive edge.

However, recently Crown Imports (importer of Corona beer), mobile ad network Greystripe and market research firm ComScore have joined together to announce the results of Corona's recent "Win a Beach Getaway" campaign which ran across Greystripe’s mobile advertising network.

The numbers show the campaign was very effective at increasing in both brand awareness as well as purchase intent.

17. 10. 2010.

One of this summer's biggest box office cinema hits is Iron Man 2 - the story about a billionaire technical genius who fights crime as the armored superhero Iron Man. Given the high-tech nature of the film, it was a natural promotional fit for launching a new, premium mobile phone, and not surprisingly, augmented reality was the technology chosen.

In this article we see how LG Mobile Phones teamed up with Marvel Comics, Paramount Pictures, and Total Immersion to execute a campaign utilizing both mobile-based and PC-based AR.

14. 07. 2010.
the-rolling-stones.jpgWith mobile Augmented Reality being in fashion at the moment, the Rolling Stones are the latest to launch a campaign promoting the re-release of their album “Exile on Main Street”.

11. 07. 2010.
mfootball_leader.jpgThe World Cup is the world's most popular sporting competition, with more people watching the football matches than any other event.

A few months ago MobiAD's Jim Cook participated at the M-Football event in London. On the panel were several mobile agencies and a mobile operator each of whom had run successful campaigns based around football and sports.

In this article we'll look at several of these campaigns, covering a wide range of brands and campaign mechanics. The common thread is that they all successfully used sports to build a connection between the brands and their audiences.

19. 06. 2010.
1goal-rania.jpgMobile operators from around the world have come together to support the 1GOAL: Education for All campaign by giving over 1 billion subscribers the opportunity to join the campaign.

1GOAL is bringing together footballers, fans, charities, corporations and individuals to achieve the ambitious aim of education for everyone.

19. 05. 2010.
iphone-yell-140.jpgCertain consumer services have been around for many years, and yet manage to evolve with the times and stay current.

The Yellow Pages is one such service. When it began almost 50 years ago, it was a book that consumers could use to find local businesses. As the internet boom took off, became popular, and as mobile internet grew, an iPhone app was launched.

And now Yell has upgraded their iPhone application to include Augmented Reality, providing the most up to date way for people to find their local businesses.

28. 03. 2010.
It seems as though the Nike brand has always been about more than just sportswear and sneakers. People are passionate about the brand, and with products like the Nike Plus, Nike has become a regular part of their customers' lives.

Now Nike is taking this one step further with their mobile app campaign Nike True City. This is a location-based city guide - with a social media component - for six of Europe's most interesting cities, all done with Nike style and flair. Check it out.

20. 01. 2010.
lancome_face.jpgFew things are as personal for women as the beauty products they use. And so marketing for make-up companies is all about establishing a personal connection between the brand and the consumer.

To help build this relationship, leading French cosmetics company Lancôme used both an iPhone app as well as social media to launch "Declare Indigo", the new fall line of make-up by Aaron de Mey, Lancôme's Creative Director of Make-up.

The iPhone app lets women try out the new color combinations, get make-up tips from Lancôme experts, and even share their creations with their friends!

18. 11. 2009.
motorola_bye_daddy.gifWhen Hong Kong International Airport opened a new wing, they wanted to do something special to highlight the interactive screens in the terminal. So they launched a competition among Hong Kong agencies, with the prize being the use of the screens for the initial two month period.
The winning entry was the "Say Goodbye" campaign, put together by Ogilvy and The Hyperfactory for client Motorola.

01. 11. 2009.
main_menu.jpgWhen Toyota realized that a very large portion of the traffic to their WAP site came from iPhone users, they decided that for the launch of the new 3rd generation 2010 Prius, they would do something special for that group.

So a few months ago Toyota launched a special version of their mobile site that was optimized for the iPhone.

And now, Toyota has released The Prius Experience App, a free iPhone app that uses the unique features of the iPhone to engage with individual consumers, and also connects the consumer to a large billboard display in New York's Times Square!

30. 10. 2009.
wimbledon_logo2.jpgFor those of you lucky enough to have attended a Grand Slam tennis championship at Wimbledon, you'll know that it is a wonderful, though sometimes confusing experience.

This year IBM decided to take advantage of the newest mobile technologies to make the event even better. See how they combined location awareness, augmented reality, and twitter feeds to provide a unique branded utility to help fans better enjoy the event.

23. 09. 2009.
adidas_running_girl.jpgAdidas knows a lot about athletes - not only professionals but also serious amateurs such as weekend marathoners.

And one thing Adidas has found through research is that marathon runners don't achieve their goals alone - it requires a lot of support from family and friends to make their personal dreams a reality.

To promote their their sponsorship of the 2009 London Marathon, Adidas decided to use mobile technology to help the runners and spectators stay connected during the race, by providing the Mobile Marathon Tracker, and Personalized Runner Messages.

06. 09. 2009.
ikea_lamp167×260.gifEarlier in 2009 IKEA launched a new line of furniture, IKEA PS, whose objective was to stretch the idea of design, to think about empowering people, and to minimize the impact on the world.

With such unusual designs, IKEA felt they had to do something special to help customers imagine how this furniture would fit into their houses, so they turned to a mobile augmented reality solution.

The Portable Interior Planner application gives customers the ability to see exactly how the new designs will look in their home, without the need to actually move any furniture!

17. 08. 2009.
nike_4shoes.gifIt has been just a year since Nike launched their PHOTOiD campaign. This campaign allowed consumers to use their mobile phones to choose colors they liked from the world around them, and have these colors incorporated into a customized pair of Nike running shoes.

This was one of the first campaigns to exploit visual interactivity to engage consumers, and although the campaign is no longer active, it is still a great example of creative use of innovation for marketing.

18. 07. 2009.
fanta_can2.gifThe Coca Cola Company has long been committed to experimenting with new approaches for building engagement with their consumers.

Recently, one of Coke's major soft drink brands, Fanta, teamed up with Ogilvy Advertising to bring out a mobile application for teens using a new technology that (as far as we know) has never before been used for mobile marketing.

The Fanta Stealth Sound System brings teens together by letting them talk in secret, without adults even knowing that they are communicating.

10. 06. 2009.
thmbnls_start.gifEffectively communicating a "safe sex" message to 15 - 18 year olds could be a difficult task, especially as they are often wary of mainstream media.

So the Department of Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) in the UK turned to mobile marketing to help them connect with this hard to reach group.

thmbnls is a free, 22 episode mobile soap opera that was launched earlier this year and which is a key element in DCSF's overall Want Respect? Wear a Condom campaign.

12. 05. 2009.
nissan2.gifThe automotive sector has been one of the big early supporters of mobile advertising, with many interesting campaigns. The question people always ask though, is what has been the impact of the campaigns.

Nissan ran a campaign recently to promote the innovative features of their Murano line. At the same time they ran a detailed research project among consumers to gauge the effect of the campaign. What they found was a big jump in product awareness - over 30% - as well as a significant improvement in the overall image of Nissan.

27. 03. 2009.
For fans of the incredibly popular US TV show American Idol, the 8th season promises to be something special.

Thanks to a new iPhone application recently launched by Freemantle and Zumobi, fans will have the opportunity for an even deeper engagement with the show, whenever they want to, where ever they want to.

18. 03. 2009.
For the launch of their new horror film "The Unborn", Universal Pictures has turned to mobile as a great way to communicate with their target audience, and to provide them with entertaining content they can enjoy no matter where they go.

05. 03. 2009.
terminator_lena.gifLast year, when UK television station Virgin1 launched the new action series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, they wanted to do something special to create excitement and buzz around the launch episode.

In the TV series a Terminator can locate its victim no matter where they are. What if that could be done in real life as well? Agencies 20:20 London and Incentivated did just that, putting together a campaign with a great use of mobile location plus video that has won numerous awards in the past months.

11. 02. 2009.
guinness.gif The Hong Kong Sevens is a 3-day rugby tournament that takes place each year. Guinness is a major sponsor of the tournament, and they were looking for a way to extend the consumers engagement with the brand beyond the time in the stadium.

The result was the innovative mobile marketing application Guinness Passport to Greatness, that won the 2008 MMA award for “Best Use of Mobile Marketing". It featured an interactive guide to the tournament, plus information about Hong Kong nightlife, and could even speak Cantonese!

03. 02. 2009.
apps_examples.gifIn the course of writing up our recent article on Mobile Applications: The Next Big Thing In Mobile Marketing?, we saw a lot of examples of mobile apps.

We thought it would be a good idea to share a number of these with you to give an idea of the wide range of marketing approaches that companies are taking.

So here is some information on a few mobile apps that we think you will find interesting.

06. 01. 2009.
blyk_fraser_short.gifHouse of Fraser is a leading clothing store, who wanted to "re-launch" a number of their retail stores around the UK. To do this, they ran a campaign on the youth-oriented Blyk mobile network.
(from our recent interview with Shaun Gregory, CEO of Blyk UK.)

22. 12. 2008.
blyk_teens.gifThe Department for Children, Schools, and Families in the UK wanted to understand better how teenagers felt about free time activities. This group is normally very difficult to communicate with, so the Department tried the innovative approach of running a survey on the Blyk mobile network which focuses on youth, and has recently launched a market research product.

(From our recent interview with Shaun Gregory, CEO of Blyk UK.)

22. 12. 2008.

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