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White Paper: Marketing to the Third Screen

at_sign.gifSmartphone adoption is on the rise around the world. Previously limited to business users, these devices are now spreading to a much wider demographic. As a result, mobile email marketing will be growing in importance. ExactTarget has written a white paper which presents extensive research and recommendations for marketers.

The white paper is based upon data gathered in four ways:
1. an online survey
2. response tests
3. review of email rendering on a variety of devices
4. interviews with industry experts

The information covers many topics such as where people check mobile email, how much time they spend, attitudes about subscribing on mobile, etc.


Source: ExactTarget

This whitepaper also provides detailed information about how mobile emails are rendered and actually appear on various devices from 12 different manufacturers. The devices include Blackberry, Treo, and the iPhone. This information can be used to optimize your emails.

Here is an example from the white paper:


Source: ExactTarget

To get a copy of the full report, go HERE.
(this link will take you to the ExactTarget site. You will need to provide your name and email to get a copy of the study, but it is free of charge.)

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