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Using The iPhone To Target High Net Worth Individuals

Land Rover and AdMob Announce Results of Campaign on iPhone

landrover2.gifLand rover has announced the results of its mobile advertising campaign using AdMob’s iPhone ad unit. The campaign is the first to use AdMob’s iPhone ad unit specifically to reach high net worth individuals.

Mariana Solano, advertising-communications manager for Land Rover North America, said that Land Rover had initially seen mobile as a branding tool but soon realised its direct-response potential. It is for this reason that when the time came to launch the Range Rover Sport, it aimed to reach its affluent target consumer through Blackberries, Treos and iPhones.

AdMob had previously created a specific “iPhone Ad Unit” to take advantage of the iPhone’s advanced capabilities (see the MobiAD post).

The Ad

iPhone AdMob worked with interactive agency Mediaedge: CIA to define targeting parameters to reach a desired segment using a combination of mobile context, sites and devices.

“Land Rover wanted to reach a specific target audience to promote the Range Rover Sport,” said Joao Machado, Online Associate Media Director Mediaedge:CIA . “AdMob brought targeting and the tools to help us engage the right users on their mobile phones.”

The Land Rover iPhone ad has a store locator in the banner ad itself which allows mobile phone users to type in their zip code and see a map and directions to the nearest dealer.

Here is a video of the store locator. The demo shows a prospective customer entering their zip code, choosing the nearest store, and then getting driving directions to the store.

Demonstration of AdMob + Land Rover iPhone Ad Unit
(note: video only, no audio)

AdMob worked with Unicast to power a custom mobile website landing page for Land Rover’s six-week advertising campaign. Users can view a 15 second video of the Land Rover Sport driving experience, or click to initiate a phone call in order to schedule a test drive or find out where their nearest dealer is located.


Landrover mobile landing page

And here’s the video:

Download link

Landrover mobile video ad

The Results

The campaign, which has been running since late October, has had 400,000 impressions on the iPhone of which 1,100 users have entered their zip codes. This represents a higher click-through-rate of 0.3% on the iPhone than the average 0.22% for the entire campaign (2.5 million impressions to date. The mobile ads will run through the end of 2007).

Here are some more details:

• Of the users who clicked on the Land Rover ad, 23% responded to at least one call-to-action on the landing page.

• Of the users that responded to at least one call-to-action:
  • 88% of them watched the video,
  • 9% entered their zip code to find a nearby Land Rover dealership
  • 3% used the click-2-call action.

• Of the 3% who clicked to call through the advertisement:
  • 50% of the calls lasted more than 30 seconds
  • 20% of the calls lasted for more than a minute.

The Conclusion

“Mediaedge and Land Rover challenged AdMob to reach a specific customer set with valuable functionality to leverage the context of the mobile phone.” said Tony Nethercutt, Vice President Sales for AdMob. “This campaign demonstrates the power of mobile marketing to engage the customer in a highly interactive and personal way.”

According to Ms. Solano, advertising-communications manager for Land Rover North America: “That’s excellent results – that’s significant.”


Full press release HERE

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[ by Ferhan Cook, Editor, MobiAD News ]

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