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Blyk Announces Very Positive Early Results

blyk_logo.gifBlyk, the Ad-funded MVNO targeted at the 16-24 age range, has released its first set of results. The results show early promise for the Blyk business model, claiming that up to 43% of their customers are clicking through to the ads.

UK sales director Jonathan McDonald announced that customer click-through rates ranged between 12 and 43 per cent, depending on the type of advertisement. This is far superior to what is being seen for other operators or on other media (for example, for a major UK operator the mobile internet click-through rate stands at 3.5 per cent, while internet click-through rates are just 0.5 per cent or less).

“Its simple logic – we have a database of 100 per cent opted-in people who have signed up knowing they will receive up to six advertisements a day. The advertisements are specifically targeted to their preferences, which they have stated in advance” said McDonald.

Blyk also released some information about their customer base in the UK.

• The service is officially available to anyone from 16 to 24 years old, but the main age bracket is from 17 to 20, with 19 year-olds being the largest group.

• The gender split is 52/48 men/women.

• University students make up 57% of the total subscriber base.

“A lot of blogs have written that our rates are going to fall as the novelty wears off for users. But people who have written that have missed the major point; that every day our service is becoming more profiled to the user, so as it becomes more relevant to them, click through rates will go up” McDonald concluded.

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