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Mobile Advertising Report from IAB

iab_logo.gifThe IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) UK has released a new report Mobile Advertising: The Emerging UK Market which gives a complete overview on mobile advertising – what formats are available, how they work, challenges and barriers, and case studies.

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The study, written with the Mobile Marketing Association, provides some key facts and useful case studies on how mobile internet advertising can work in practice. This document also presents a profile of the mobile audiences and what they’re doing, all the vital statistics regarding past, present and future growth as well as standards and guidelines for brands now looking to take their marketing communications even further.

And the IAB also asked the experts within their membership for their thoughts on exactly where they think the market is headed.

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To learn more about the IAB UK’s activities in mobile advertising, visit the IAB UK website.

Also, read the MobiAD report on the recent IAB “Engage4Mobile” conference.

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