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RingTales to release ad-funded cartoons

ringtales Gif2 long time veterans of the LA cartoon industry have announced that their company, RingTales, will release animated versions of world-famous cartoons from The New Yorker magazine. The ad-funded service will be free, with subscribers receiving 3 new animations each week.

RingTales is working with mobile advertising company Ad Infuse of San Francisco to develop the advertising. According to Michael Fry, one of the founders of RingTales “”We’re testing a number of ad formats. We particularly like short video post-rolls. In our experience, viewers are happy because they get immediate access to the content. Advertisers are happy because the content has a great payoff and viewers don’t mind the ads. In fact, we’re seeing people watch the clips multiple times – it’s an advertiser’s dream come true.”

View some sample RingTale cartoons HERE

full press release HERE

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