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Nokia And Facebook Deal May Be In The Works

facebook_logo.gifAn article on PaidContent.Org reveals that Nokia and Facebook are in advanced discussions on a wide ranging strategic agreement between the two companies.

According to the article, the discussion involve three main aspects:

  • The first is integrating the social network into the Nokia handsets. Perhaps a FACEBOOK button could be added to Nokia handsets, in a similar way to the YouTube button that is on the main screen of the iPhone.
  • Second, Facebook would figure prominently in Nokia’s retail product displays.
  • Finally, there is also talk of Nokia making a direct investment in Facebook, but the discussions are still in an early stage, according to an un-named source at Nokia speaking on background.

Facebook is clearly making an all out effort to increase distribution and keep ahead of all the other social networks that are springing up on a daily basis, and views linking up with a mobile mega-company like Nokia as a good way to accomplish this.

Read the article in full HERE

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