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Tracking Mobile Ads in U.S. and U.K.

mmetrics_logo_green.gifM:Metrics has released the first set of statistics using M:Ad in the United States. The results show that online retail companies like Ebay, Glu and Electronic Arts are placing the majority of ads (39%) tracked by M:Metrics.

“Early findings are encouraging, as they indicate that mobile is increasingly being incorporated into mainstream media buys,” said Paul Goode, senior analyst, M:Metrics. “In January, M:Ad has tracked major brands across a range of industries, including Avis, BMW, Cadbury’s, Citroen, EMAP and IBM, using mobile advertising.”

At the same time, M:Metrics announced that it was expanding its M:Ad service to cover the UK market and will roll out across the major European markets during 2008. During January, M:Ad tracked 403 unique mobile ads representing 91 campaigns and 48 different UK companies.

The ads were from a variety of industries such as automobile manufacturers, broadcasting and cable TV, Internet retail, movies and entertainment, casinos and gaming, food retail, home furnishings and computer hardware.

“Advertisers, media agency and media owners in the UK are calling out for greater clarity on who is advertising what, where and when. Today, M:Metrics can deliver this critical data to the market,” said Goode. “In the United States, M:Ad has been warmly welcomed, and we are excited to bring our tracking expertise into the UK market to help grow mobile advertising expenditure.”

Below are some of January’s findings from the US survey:


For more background on mobile metrics, see the MobiAD interview “Mobile Ad Measurement Comes of Age”, an interview with Paul Goode, Vice President, M:Metrics.

See the full release here.

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