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Vodafone CEO Predicts Big Growth in Mobile Advertising

vodafone_logo.gifIn an article published in the Australian IT section, Vodafone Group chief Arun Sarin is quoted as saying that mobile advertising will see big growth within the next few years. He expects sales to top US$ 100 million within that time frame.

He goes on to say that he believes that the biggest issue facing the mobile advertising industry is the advertiser’s lack of understanding of the value of mobile advertising. In order to rectify this, he believes that the industry needs to come together and define a set of mobile advertising standards.

arun_sarin.gif“When a chief marketing officer is wanting exposure to a certain customer group, for television 30-second advertising it is pretty specialised. Internet – whether it’s banners or whatever – it’s pretty well sorted. For the mobile industry, Vodafone does it one way, all our competitors do it another way. I am saying, guys, let’s get to there fast so we can present to the advertising (sector) a common face. If we do that it will be a terrific thing” he said.

This optimism is shared amongst Vodafone’s rivals. Hutchison’s 3 mobile advertising manager Angus Beattie is quoted as saying:

“It’s early days for mobile advertising and revenues will increase only if the personal, direct and interactive nature of the mobile is used properly, and if there is a value transaction.

“The Ford Ashes campaign, which offered customers free video calls, included 100 per cent advertiser exclusivity, portal sites, video highlights, mobile messaging promotion and bill inserts to the Planet 3 customer base.

“The campaign saw over one million customer interactions, a peak of 95,000 Cricket TV streams on the campaign’s first day and 400,000 minutes of free video calls.”

Read the full article here.

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