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Boost Mobile Launches Mobile Ads

boost_mobile.gifBoost Mobile , a life-style based MVNO owned by Sprint, has announced that it has launched a new mobile advertising platform for mobile phones. Acura and Fox Searchlight Pictures are among the first companies to advertise on Boost mobile’s new platform. Amobee will be Boost’s ad-selling and ad-serving partner.

The first ads will feature information on the film “Street Kings” which will be release on 11th of April in the US, while Acura will advertise their new 2009 TSX. Initially advertising will only appear on Boost Mobile’s BoostLIVE and Web Home before being expanded to include messaging and key applications.

In what will hopefully become an industry standard practice, Boost customers are not charged for viewing the advertisements. This is especially important as lack of clarity about costs can be a major disincentive for consumers. (Read the Opinion Piece by Patrick Parodi of Amobee, “Mobile Users are Paying to Watch Ads!“)

Customers can also an “opt-out” from receiving advertisements by calling Boost customer service at 1-888-BOOST-4U. This is a second important point for consumers: they must feel they are in control of what appears on their mobile.

“Mobile advertising is an excellent vehicle for reaching a growing segment of younger consumers who are drifting away from traditional mediums such as TV and print,” said Neil Lindsay, vice president of product development, Boost Mobile. “The unique advantage Boost Mobile offers advertisers is access to today’s under 30 audience – a massive and growing crowd of consumers who are more likely to embrace advertising on their wireless phones.”

“The Boost-Amobee relationship aims to show the power of Boost as a media company. Boost has an influence on the mobile media habits of the under 30 demographic in the US. This relationship was created to attract youth and lifestyle brands which haven’t traditionally invested in interactive advertising. Working with these brands will position Boost as a leader in mobile advertising,” said Zohar Levkovitz, CEO of Amobee.

See the full release here.

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