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Google Sees Sharp Rise in Mobile Internet Use
“A Watershed Moment”

googlephone.gifGoogle has announced that it has seen a sharp increase in internet use on mobile phones, notably on the Blackberry, the iPhone and Nokia devices for business professionals.

Google believes that this is due to the introduction of a faster web service on these models of phones.

“We have very much hit a watershed moment in terms of mobile Internet usage,” Matt Waddell, a product manager for Google Mobile, said in an interview. “We are seeing that mobile internet use is in fact accelerating.”

Other major factors are the growing availability of flat-rate data plans and the improvement in web browsers for mobile phones. At the same time as announcing these results, Google announced the release of a new software for phones on the Windows mobile operating system that places a Google web search window on the phone home screen. This is claimed to reduce the time that user take to perform a search by as much as 40%.

“We are actually seeing a 20 percent increase in the number of searches by people,” Waddell said.

“Faster is better than slow, especially on a mobile device, where fast is much better than slow,” Waddell said. “Not only are we are seeing increased user satisfaction but also greater usage.”

In August, Google officials had announced a similar surge in the use of on mobile devices linked to the release of the iPhone. Waddell had said that as many as 50 times more searches were being performed because of the fact that the iPhone featured a full feature Internet browser.

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