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3 UK Opens First Ad-funded Music Video Service

3uk_logo.gifMobile operator 3 UK announced the launch of the first ad supported, commercial mobile music video service in conjunction with Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK). The service, powered by Rhythm NewMedia, is available to all 3 UK customers and is accessed through 3′s music homepage. Customers can now watch their favorite music videos from artists on their mobile phones anywhere and at any time.

This music video service is an addition to 3′s existing free mobile video service which launched last year. The service is offered free of charge, including no data fees. Rhythm sells and serves the ads for the service. (see MobiAD post on the 3 UK Video Service). The service had a very rapid uptake by 3 subscribers, with over 25% signing up for the service in the initial 6 months (see MobiAD post).

Read the full press release HERE.

Also, read an in-depth interview with Rhythm NewMedia CEO Ujjal Kohli.

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