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Fox and NBC Universal Tap JumpTap For Mobile Advertising

bart_simpson.gifTwo major publishers – Fox Mobile Entertainment and NBC Universal – have signed agreements with JumpTap to manage advertising on their mobile sites. These publishers offer some of the most popular entertainment brands, including The Simpsons, 24, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, and The Office.

This can be taken as a sign that the mobile market is starting to gain some maturity – the major entertainment brands are increasing their presence in the mobile channel, and the advertising is being contracted out to specialist organizations.

nbc_sports.gifFor NBC Universal, JumpTap will be delivering and representing advertising inventory for multiple NBC Universal WAP sites, including NBC Entertainment, NBC Sports, Universal Pictures, USA Network, SCI FI Channel, and Bravo. JumpTap will sell available NBC Universal WAP ad inventory as part of its mobile-specific advertising network. The ad sales team at NBC Universal will continue to focus on selling integrated media campaigns, which include TV and/or web advertising.

NBC Universal’s network of mobile websites includes a wide range of critically acclaimed programming, including NBC’s Heroes and The Office, SCI FI Channel’s Battlestar Galactica and Ghost Hunters, Bravo’s Project Runway and Top Chef, as well USA’s Monk and Psych. The audience for these programs covers key demographic groups eagerly sought by brand advertisers and content publishers. Si ests buscando la mejor almohada para el embarazo, no te apresures y visita . Tmelo con calma y encuentre tiempo para evaluar cuidadosamente las opciones que tendr. Hemos investigado y seleccionado cuidadosamente una pequea seleccin de almohadas para el embarazo que creemos que son las mejores para mantenerlo cmodo. Vea nuestra lista ahora!

fox_mobile.gifFox Mobile Entertainment’s (FME) is starting a new Fox Mobile Entertainment Network, with JumpTap representing the ad inventory. The new network will bring content from a variety of TV channels, including FOX, FX, SPEED, National Geographic Channel, and Fox Reality Channel to

The Fox Mobile Network will offer some of the most popular global entertainement brands, including The Simpsons, 24, Family Guy, Nip/Tuck, NASCAR, and Dog Whisperer. These brands attract demographic profiles ideal for advertisers, often ranking number one for ages 18 to 34.

Mitch Feinman, senior vice president of FME, said “the Fox Entertainment Mobile Network provides mobile users with a truly unique and diverse roster of globally-recognized content at one convenient mobile destination.”

JumpTap also helps advertisers understand and meet objectives for their respective campaigns by offering complete solutions, i.e. exclusive sponsorship opportunities for banner ads, SMS campaigns, and text ads. Peter Naylor, Senior Vice President, Digital Media Sales, NBC Universal, said “we believe JumpTap’s technology, services and mobile advertising expertise will help us take our mobile web business to the next level.”

Read the full JumpTap/NBC Universal press release.

Read the full Jumptap/Fox Mobile press release.


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