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Sega Launches Interactive Brand Ads

sega_logo.gifSega has launched marketing plans for several new games that will be released this summer. Having started making mobile games in 2007 Sega plans to release 10 titles by the end of the year.

The campaigns will be launched in June when the games Beijing 2008 and Sonic at the Olympics will be released. The campaigns will take the form of print and online advertisements with short codes in order to interact with consumers.


“Mobile phones are like traveling advertising and marketing tools,” says Carrie Cowan, director of mobile marketing at Sega of America, San Francisco. “Most people have one in their pocket.”

Having had little success with banner ads, marketers at Sega have had to re-think about how to best use mobile marketing. They are considering a subscription based service but are as yet unsure about how to bill it said Cowan.

Another possible solution is supplied by mobile game publisher Gosub 60. It offers a marketing platform that links into a WAP merchandising site. The problem with this idea is that it takes the consumer out of the game and means that a way must be found to take them back into it.

But Cowan says that the advantage of this solution is that it moves the focus away from advertising to marketing and merchandising to the consumer. “In a way mobile is a good medium for merchandising, rather than ads, because of the short time players spent with the games,” she says.

One major challenge remains, and that is the fact that mobile operators keep most of the valuable consumer data that they have private. “We know what’s selling, but we don’t know why they might click on a product to buy and then abandon the purchase,” Cowan says.

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