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Evaluating Mobile TV Advertising Models Just Got Easier

goldspot.gifIn an effort to make it easier to demonstrate the financial viability of mobile TV advertising, GoldSpot Media has launched “Trial-in-a-Box”, their new prototyping platform to evaluate the profitability of targeted, interactive mobile TV advertising models.

By using proven inventory and revenue sharing business models that have been successful in the traditional TV market and optimising them for the mobile medium, GoldSpot Media hope to provide mobile TV value chain partners with the ability to test the effectiveness of multiple advertising business models, ranging from free broadcast TV to individual pay-per-stream, and everything in between.

“Virtually everything is in place today, including mature broadcast technologies, standardization, mobile broadcast terminals, high quality content and consumer acceptance, to make interactive mobile broadcast TV a reality. The glaring exception is proof that it can be profitable to the entire value-chain,” said Staffan Nilsson, senior vice president, Business Development, GoldSpot Media.

See the full release here.

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