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Ad-Funded Entertainment – How Big is the Market?

mef_logo.gifAd-funded mobile content is a hot topic – many companies are now basing their business plans on the ad-funded model. The Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) recently published a report that takes an in-depth look into the impact of ad-funded mobile entertainment (AFME) on the on-portal mobile entertainment market in the UK. Download an extract of the key findings.

The report defines AFME as: “The revenue generated through mobile advertising to subsidize or fully fund the cost of existing mobile entertainment to the consumer.”

Th key objectives for the study were:
• to size the industry (ME industry as a whole and the AFME element for games and video),
• to forecast the potential of AFME in the UK with a realistic approach,
• to clarify the confusion surrounding AFME.

The study projects that AFME, with mobile games and video in particular, is set to generate substantial revenues of £145m by 2012.


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According to Nick Lane, MD of direct2 Mobile, the company that conducted this research, “More consumers are exploring the content accessible via the mobile Internet, but going that additional step and actually purchasing premium content remains very much a niche market.”

Nick continued: “Ad-funded mobile entertainment will address the consumers’ reluctance to purchase premium content over-the-air by providing free or subsidized content that will serve to educate and raise awareness among consumers about mobile entertainment. Our research from around Europe shows that consumers actively using ad-funded content return to purchase premium content.”

Read the MEF press release HERE.

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