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Limbo Study: WAP Is Not Just For Kids

Mobile entertainment community Limbo has released their Mobile Advertising Report for Q1 2008. Based on a survey of 1,000 adults, this study indicates that WAP usage is growing, and WAP users are not as young as you might think. Download the study.

This study is released every quarter. Compared to the end of 2007, WAP usage is increasing, and now the number of people that use WAP is fully 50% of the number of SMS users.


Another interesting fact from this study is the age of mobile users. As the chart below shows, 51% of SMS users are 35 and older. This means it is not a “youth only” medium.


It is a very similar story for WAP users, with the number actually being slightly higher. 53% of WAP users are 35 and older, and in fact, 1 out of 17 is over 65.


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