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Turkcell Launches Innovative “Ring Back Tone” Ad Platform

turkcell.gifTurkcell, the Turkish mobile operator, has launched a new mobile advertising platform called “TonlaKazan” (“Tone&Win”). The new service allows Turkcell customers to select a branded ring back tone, and then gain airtime credits when callers listen to the ringback tone.

And, the longer the callers listen to the ringback tone, the more airtime credits are awarded.

TonlaKazan will function using a performance based pricing model, Cost Per Listening (CPL), in which advertisers will be charged according to the amount of tones that the callers actually hears.

Turkcell Value Added Services Chief Executive Officer Cenk Serdar said, “We have launched the service with major brands like Akbank, Coca-Cola, Digiturk, Garanti Bankasi, Kraft, Nestle, Nivea, P&G, and Unilever.”

The service will be available to a limited amount of Turkcell customers during the launch period. Customers can register through Web, Wap and SMS channels. 4play Digital Workshop partnered with Turkcell to develop TonlaKazan.

Serdar added, “we are proud of breaking new ground in the advertising industry. We are not just launching a new advertising platform with TonlaKazan, but also a new concept.”

See the full release here.

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