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Hey Friend, Fund My Phone!

sugarmama.gifCustomers of Virgin Mobile’s Sugar Mama program now have a new way to earn airtime. Normally, the service provides free airtime when a customer listens to ads on their phone. But now, using a new Facebook application, users can have their Facebook Friends earn free minutes for them by listening to the advertisements on their PC.

“Developing a special Facebook application was a natural next step for us,” said Bob Stohrer, Chief Marketing Officer at Virgin Mobile USA. “The interaction among Facebook users mirrors the strong community among Virgin Mobile USA customers. And Fund My Phone also offers a powerful vehicle for Virgin Mobile USA’s brand partners to reach audiences beyond our customer base.”

This seems like a very clever way for Virgin to expand the Sugar Mama program. Advertising that is recommended peer-to-peer is intrinsically targeted and relevant. Plus it gives Virgin a way to expand the reach of their ads beyond their existing customer base.

“Fund My Phone” is an extension of the Sugar Mama mobile marketing program which allows users to earn up to 75 minutes per month by viewing a variety of advertising and answer a few questions. Customers also earn airtime by completing surveys online, responding to branded text messages or forwarding Sugar Mama spots to friends to share.

Virgin Mobile currently has over 700,000 Sugar Mama customers, earning more than 26 million minutes of free airtime.

Sugar Mama on Facebook

Virgin Mobile USA customers can download the application and place it within their Facebook page. The application allows the customer to share up to five different spots with Facebook friends. On the profile page, the application displays thumbnail images of a randomly rotated Sugar Mama advertising content. When friends click on the application, a Sugar Mama ad or other piece of advertiser content begins playing for them to view and rate.

The Virgin Mobile customer earns six minutes of airtime as soon as the first four views are completed. After that, they receive an additional minute for each 4 views by their friends.

Read the full release here.


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