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Mobile Ads key During Economic Downturn

recession.gifA new study published by Harris Interactive looks at consumer reactions to the US economic downturn. The study shows that over 1/3 of consumers say that it will not affect their spending habits, and that mobile advertising is becoming an increasingly viable advertising channel .

The majority of people surveyed (60%) will limit their spending however, with the main areas being hit being dining in restaurants (74%), purchase of consumer electronics (71%) and entertainment (67%). On positive for the mobile industry is that a significant number of consumers (41%) have no plans to stop or cut-back on their purchase of mobile phones.

The study also found that more than half (56%) of teens and more than a third (37%) of adults would be interested by mobile advertising if they received something in return.

“The fact is, there are a lot of people who are still spending money in this country and even those cutting back still need to buy essentials,” said Milton Ellis, vice president and senior consultant, Harris Interactive technology group. “The key is to reach out to them through innovative marketing – including mobile advertising – and provide the right incentives to capture their business.”

The best incentives for adults being cash and free airtime minutes, and for teens being cash and free entertainment downloads.


In addition, the preferred method of delivery for ads is SMS, with MMS being second.

“No other advertising medium approaches the personal relationship consumers have with their mobile devices,” Ellis said. “The key is to gain consumer interest by baiting the hook and providing them with something traditional advertising cannot. Our research indicates that teens will be strong early adapters to this advertising, with adults not far behind.”

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