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Brylcreem Reaches Youth Market with Mobile Ads on Blyk

brylcreem200×200.gifBrylcreem has been making mens hair products for over 75 years. When they launched their new “b:” range of hair products aimed at today’s young male population, they decided to run a mobile advertising campaign on the Blyk network.

See the campaign, and read about the customer response.


Brylcreem is a very established male grooming product, having been on the market for over 75 years. When they decided to introduce a group of 6 new products targeted at young males, they used mobile advertising to launch the range. They had three main objectives for this campaign:

  • Raise awareness of this new range of 6 products among young men
  • Develop understanding of the product proposition in a relevant and engaging way
  • Amplify their “effortless style” message in line with their existing channel mix

The Campaign

As this was Brylcreem’s first time advertising on mobile, they engaged Blyk for ad strategy as well as for creative.

Blyk’s subscriber base is limited by design to people in the 16 to 24 year old segment. All advertising on the network is based on a “conversational” mode of communication, as Blyk’s research showed that as this is something well understood by their customer base. (See MobiAD interview Designing Blyk: The First Ad-Funded Mobile Operator – An Interview with Marko Ahtisaari).

For the Brylcreem campaign, Blyk created a two-part MMS dialogue. One asked consumers to segment themselves according to their styling preference, and the other provided product information relevant to their response.

Here are the messages asking consumer their style preference:

(to play, click arrow in lower left)

And the screen asking for a response:

Based on the consumer’s preference, a message would be sent back giving information about which product would be best. And all the creative is intended to “create a talking point” for the brand, and have consumers show it to their friends. If you look carefully, you’ll see that it’s actually a group of monkeys that are fixing up the hair in this message.

(to play, click arrow in lower left)

To make the advertising even more relevant, these messages were sent out to males only early on a Friday evening, when most people are preparing for their night out, and before they did their weekend shopping.

Great Results

brylcreem-49.gifThis campaign was very successful, with almost 50% of consumers responding to the ads. In focus group discussions, consumers said that they did indeed show these ad messages to their friends, thus adding a viral component to the campaign.

An additional benefit was a better understanding of the hairstyle preferences of the target market, which will be useful in future marketing activities.



Blyk began operation in the UK at the end of September 2007, and reached a subscriber base of 100,000 within the first 7 months. The service is targeted at the 16 to 24 year-old segment, and offers members free voice minutes and text messages every month with no contract in return for receiving up to six highly targeted advertising messages per day.

Shaun Gregory, UK CEO said: “Young people have embraced Blyk because it makes phone bills and contracts a thing of the past. And Blyk provides brands and advertisers with an exciting way of reaching the youth market in a very personalised way that works.”

“Brylcreem worked with Blyk to target young men with a relevant and engaging communication around hair styles. The results of the campaign showed a 49% response rate and provided an analysis of different user groups that Brylcreem could not get from any other media,” Gregory concluded.


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