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Universal McCann Briefing: Welcome To The Free World!

free-phone.gifOne of the big drivers for mobile advertising will be ad-funded content and services that satisfy the desire for consumers to get something “for free”. This thought provoking brief from Universal McCann takes a look at the “Free World” phenomena and some of the implications for the future of advertising and marketing.

“Over the last decade we’ve become increasingly used to getting something for nothing. This has resulted in a culture of free access, that is becoming even more entrenched as younger web users grow up and the desire for free access to content, services and experiences increases.

Why is this important? It means the future of content, web services and increasingly wider business will be advertising supported to allow the free access that has become essential to compete.”

Although this paper is primarily concerned with the online world, the implications are totally valid for mobile. As ad-funded mobile content continues to grow, as more of the existing online activity moves over to mobile, and as much of the world gets their first taste of online through mobile, these are the trends and opportunities that will be impacting the mobile world as well.

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