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ChaCha Delivers A Coke And A Smile

chacha.gifChaCha, the innovative mobile answers service from the US, has launched ChaCha 1:1, a mobile marketing service, with Coca-Cola as one of their launch brand partners.

ChaCha’s free mobile answers service uses human “Guides” to find answers to consumers’ questions 24/7 on virtually any mobile phone. ChaCha users can send any question via SMS or voice and receive an answer back via a simple text message in real-time with no additional cost.

Launched in January 2008, ChaCha is gaining one new user every 10 seconds, and is one the fastest growing mobile search applications.

ChaCha 1:1 offers interaction with existing marketing campaigns and events and routes questions to Guides who are trained to specifically answer inquiries about the brand, product or promotion. Through this customer dialog, brands are able to view behavioral patterns, intent to buy, promotion responsiveness, brand affinity and other key metrics.

Details are a bit hard to find, but we should be getting more information from ChaCha in the near future which we’ll share. In the meantime however, Coca-Cola has decided to work with ChaCha, and has had some excellent consumer response. Meghan Berigan, operational marketing manager at Coca-Cola said “Coca-Cola is excited to work with ChaCha and see its interactive mobile marketing service effectively reach consumers in a more personal and engaging way.”

Read the full ChaCha press release.

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