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AdMob Mobile Metrics (July ’08)

admob_logo.gifAdMob has released statistics for its ad network for July 2008. During this period, AdMob served almost 4 billion ad impressions, up 10.0% over June. The report also includes detailed numbers for the African market, and as well as a look at mobile browser market shares.

For the first time, AdMob has released details on the African market. From Q1’08 to Q2’08, AdMob’s mobile web traffic across Africa increased 21%, with very strong growth in Nigeria and Egypt. In terms of handset usage, Nokia dominates the African market with a 51% share of traffic, followed by Samsung with 20%.

African traffic data by country is shown below. South Africa still dominates the region, although with the rapid growth of other countries the South African share dropped from 67% to 57%.


In terms of overall growth, the region showing the fastest growth by far is Asia. Since April of this year, the volume in Asia has almost tripled, far outpacing other parts of the world.


Finally, there is a very detailed analysis of mobile internet browsers seen by the AdMob network. Nokia holds the largest share worldwide, at 34%, followed by OpenWave (29%) and Access Netfront (12%). Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Palm, and Safari (Apple) all had less than 5% market share.


The full report contains a lot more information. To get the download link for this study, please enter your email address here:

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