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Golden Gekko (UK, US, Spain, Sweden, Cambodia)

In a time when many companies focus their efforts on developing applications for a single phone manufacturer (e.g. Apple) Golden Gekko develops mobile applications and services that work on over a billion phones worldwide, including the iPhone, with international recognition through winning several awards for their work.

Golden Gekko provides over 50 existing off-the-shelf products as well as tailored development of both need based and enjoyment based mobile applications that enable companies to build closer customer relationships and superior return on investment.

One of Golden Gekko’s unique advantages is its platform GG Mobile Media Engine which enables rapid, high quality, easy-to-use and cost efficient implementations across more than 1000 different mobile device models representing about 95% of all mobile devices in Europe.

Golden Gekko has already delivered successful projects to leading global brands including Absolut Vodka, Accenture, Cadbury’s, Coca Cola, Novartis, Paramount, Perfetti, Sara Lee, Unilever and Vodafone. Golden Gekko has offices in the England, Sweden, Spain, Cambodia and US.

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