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Mobile Excellence Awards Finalists Announced

The finalists for the Mobile Excellence Awards program have been officially announced. The awards cover many categories including Best Mobile Advertising Technology, Best Mobile Games, Best Social Network, and several more.

The awards will take place on October 30, 2008 at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, North Hollywood, CA.

Here are the finalists:

Best Start Up
– Vringo
– Zannel
– Cha Cha Mobile

Best Comeback
– Direct TV
– Last, FoneFood
– FusionOne

Best Mobile Innovator, Mobile Technology
– Recogmission
– Alcatel-Lucent
– Bango
– 2Ergo

Best Mobile Advertising
– Jentro Technologies
– GoTV Networks for Crescent Heights
– Macrovision/TV Guide Mobile
– Verve Wireless

Best Mobile Video
– Intersport/Sprint Exclusive Entertainment
– MediaFlo -Qualcomm
– QuickPlay Media
– Zannel

Best Social Network
– Mobicious, Snap My Life
– Juice Wireless, JuiceCaster 6.0
– Zannel
– Intersport

Best Innovator Mobile Entertainment
– GoTV Networks
– Macrovision/TV Guide Mobile
– Artificial Life
– Transpera

Best Mobile Games
– Hands On Mobile, Guitar Hero Mobile III
– Sony Pictures TV International, God of War, Betrayal
– EA Mobile, Monopoly
– Hands On Mobile, World Poker Tournament, Texas Hold’Em 2

Best Mobile Music
– GoTV Networks, Hip Hop Official
– LiveWire Mobile, Integrated Storefront
– eMbience
– Gracenote

Best Original Programming, Mobile
– Sony Pictures TV International, Afterworld
– Fun Little Movies, Turbo Dates (Speed Dating Series)

Mobile Community/ Fan Content
– Fox Mobile Entertainment/Jamster, The Simpsons
– Bravo Media, The Real Housewives of NYC: Text Adventure Game
– Vringo

Best Mobile Promotion
– GoTV Networks, ES Musica “Enrique Iglesias Promotion
– Sportgenic, AT&T

Best Adapted/Companion Program
– Direct TV, NFL
– Star Networks Alliance
– G4M, Music Alley Fan Club

For more information, please visit Mobile Excellence Awards website.

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