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Do-It-Yourself Bluetooth Marketing for Brands

rok.gifROK Entertainment Group, a global entertainment company, has launched ROK Promoter, a web-based application which allows advertisers to create and manage their own Bluetooth advertising campaigns, direct to consumers.

ROK Promoter is designed so that advertisers can build, deploy and monitor Bluetooth proximity-marketing mobile video campaigns themselves without the need for third-party agency involvement. Everything is managed through a web interface.

The system converts video and images to the appropriate size to fit different mobile phone models and screen sizes. It cany manage multiple Bluetooth transmitters in multiple locations while providing live audience-impact statistics and summary charts to monitor results. The ROK Promoter is available to license on a weekly, monthly or long-term basis.

“The power of opt-in, one-to-one marketing, through mobile phones and, in particular, being able to reach customers at that crucial point where buying decisions are being made, is becoming ever-more important and valuable to advertisers” said Laurence Alexander, Group CEO of ROK “so we set out to make the process of creating, delivering and monitoring such campaigns as easy as possible for advertisers.”


Read the full ROK press release.

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