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Mobileplay (San Francisco, New York)

Mobileplay is a pioneering advertising network for mobile content, ideally poised to take advantage of the explosive growth in mobile marketing. Its fast-growing, wide-ranging network includes news, games, applications, web content and location-based services for PDAs, smartphones, BlackBerries and Java-enabled phones.

For advertisers, Mobileplay offers a full range of unique “beyond the banner” mobile marketing opportunities, including branding, brand education, lead generation, and custom application and advergame development. Options include buying a run of network, sponsoring a particular content partner, or targeting a specific audience.

For content partners, Mobileplay offers an easy, more effective solution for distributing and monetizing their content on mobile devices through advertising. Its turnkey advertising and content delivery solutions allow content partners to easily merge mobile-specific ads into their existing content, earning revenue with each and every pageview. Mobileplay’s network includes some of the world’s largest media brands and most successful game and application developers. Content partners can take advantage of this “network effect” to gain wider distribution.

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