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Mobile Web Usage Explodes Worldwide

chart_growth.gifAdMob has released their September Mobile Metrics report, and the data shows that usage of the mobile internet around the world is skyrocketing – with the number of ad requests tripling from the same time period a year ago. Also, in the US, 16 of the top 20 handsets are new since 2007.

This is the 12th monthly edition of the AdMob report, so there are a lot of year-on-year comparisons. For example, it is clear that the growth of mobile internet usage is a global phenomenon, as there are now 34 countries that send over 10 million ad requests per month to AdMob, compared with only 16 a year ago.

The growth was certainly not uniform however. The Indonesian market has grown extremely rapidly, with 2008 be over 13 times bigger than 2007. This chart shows the annual growth for the top 5 markets – US, Indonesia, UK, South Africa, India.


The handset analysis is also very interesting. The Apple iPhone was ranked as the 4th most frequent requestor of ads, even though its total market penetration is much lower.

The top 10 handsets on a world wide basis are shown in the chart below.


It’s also interesting to see the capabilities of the handsets that are actively being used now. For example, most phones can support video streaming (58%), video downloads (73%) and WAP push messages (82%).


There is a lot more detailed information in the full report. To get the download link for this report, please enter your email address here:

and company name here:

Read the full AdMob press release.

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