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RadioShack Sees 8.4% Brand Awareness Increase through Mobile Ad Campaign

radioshack_logo.gifRadio Shack and ad-funded mobile games company Greystripe recently released the results of a new full-screen ad campaign on Greystripe’s mobile advertising network. The results show a very significant increase in both unaided brand awareness, as well as an increase in the number of respondents who agreed that RadioShack is a “Top Wireless Store.”

Greystripe developed the mobile advertising campaign for the leading consumer electronics retail chain to drive key brand and persuasion metrics in order to increase awareness of and purchase consideration for the RadioShack brand.

The campaign itself was fairly straightforward, a full screen image and then an invitation to go to a store locater to find the nearest Radio Shack store. But even this campaign had a strong effect.



The Measurement

Greystripe worked with Insight Express to measure the effectiveness of this campaign. Using the Mobile AdInsight research tool to measure the attitudinal effect of the advertising, they contacted over 500 mobile users, about half of whom had seen the ad. The other half acted as a control group.

The Results

The results from this study are very encouraging, and show a strong response.

  • unaided brand awareness from exposed respondents rose from 15.8% to 24.2%, for a total 8.4% increase.
  • a 5.9% increase in the number of respondents who agreed that RadioShack is a “Top Wireless Store.”
  • The ad had an even stonger impact among respondents ages 25-34, unaided brand awareness increased by 10.9%, while the “Top Wireless Store” metric jumped 16.7%.
  • Finally, compared to online campaign statistics, the mobile campaign came in 3.8% higher for brand awareness and 1.6% higher for purchase consideration.

It is very encouraging to see brands like Radio Shack and mobile advertising companies such as Greystripe going to the effort to measure campaigns such as this, and also being willing to release the results for public consumption. Time and time again we hear brands and agencies saying that one of the big impediments to the uptake of mobile advertising is the lack of realistic, well documented case studies.

“Based on our Mobile AdInsights analysis, the campaign that Greystripe developed for RadioShack was clearly a winner on many fronts,” said Joy Liuzzo, Director of Mobile Research and Marketing at InsightExpress. “Once again, we’ve seen that the mobile channel is not only effective, but can be instrumental in driving key brand metrics among important target audiences.”

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