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ROK to Roll Out Bluetooth Advertising Platform For Super Bowl

superbowl.gifROK Entertainment, the UK-based mobile technology and entertainment company has signed a partnership with Mixcast Network to roll out a national Bluetooth mobile advertising platform in the US in time for the Super Bowl weekend in February.

During Super Bowl weekend, Mixcast will launch a vigorous mobile media blitz, targeting fans during Super Bowl XLIII. Mixcast will create hot zones of digital information and entertainment in thousands of retail locations to transmit content integrated within a vast array of advertising and marketing displays. These hot spots will allow consumers with cell phones to opt-in to receive location-based information and exclusive entertainment via Bluetooth.

Gary S. Murray II, Mixcast’s Founder said “the Super Bowl is the perfect forum to jumpstart this important partnership and Bluetooth technology will make it possible to access popular content in real time at no cost to the end user. This critical digital medium allows us to connect with users directly through very effective touch-points and deliver satisfaction.”


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