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3UK Brings Back Ad-funded Mobile Video

3G mobile operator 3UK has announced that it will begin offering a variety of ad-funded video content later this year. Mobix will manage the content relations and serve the video and ads, while 4th Screen Advertising will sell the advertising.

Previously, 3UK offered ad-funded video content in partnership with Rhythm NewMedia (see MobiAD post One Million Subscribers for 3UK’s Ad-Funded Video Service). However when Rhythm closed its UK offices earlier this summer, 3UK withdrew the services.

At the time, a 3UK spokeswoman was quoted in as saying that the operator remained committed to pre-roll video ads. “Mobile advertising remains an important part of our strategy,” she said. “This change has created a great opportunity for a new supplier and we’ll be looking at options over the coming months.”

The new service will allow brands to deliver personalized advertising to 3’s subscriber base of over 3 million people, with demographic targeting and frequency capping options. 3 UK will initially deliver news, weather and movie reviews to subscribers, followed shortly by comedy, music and cartoon content.

Neil Andrews, Head of Portal Advertising at 3 UK said, “By allowing people access to video content at a consumer-friendly price, we can offer brands a potentially massive target audience. And by intelligently targeting advertising towards key demographics in this way companies can engage with their consumer on an individual level at a time and place of their choosing.”

Mark Slade, Managing Director at 4th Screen Advertising, which is part of Mobile Interactive Group said, “The 3 UK portal is a prime piece of advertising real estate and gives brands access to a large potential audience. More importantly, pre roll video advertising is highly targeted enabling campaigns to be far more effective, whilst reaching the right customer demographic at a time that suits.” Read Targeting and Optimizing: The Power of Mobile, an Interview with Mark Slade.

Read the 3UK press release.

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