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Limbo Study: Consumers Increasingly Aware Of Mobile Ads

LimboMobile entertainment community Limbo has released their Mobile Advertising Report for Q3 2008. This study shows a huge growth in the number of US consumers who recall mobile internet advertising: an increase of over 50% compared to Q4 2007. Download the study.

The Mobile Advertising Report is produced by Limbo and GFK/NOP research. The Q3 2008 (US) report is based on a survey of 1,000+ representative adults in the US.

Usage of mobile data services has also grown quite rapidly since the end of 2007, with SMS usage increasing by 16%. Use of MMS increasing by 15% and finally has reached a level of over 100million users in the US.


The age profile of those who are seeing mobile advertising is also very interesting. The mean age has been increasing, and is now at 38 years old, with 52% of those that recalled seeing mobile ads are aged 35-64.


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