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Mobile Advertising Seen Increasing For Consumer Goods In Europe

comscore_glasses.gifIt’s common knowledge that a lot of mobile advertising is actually for mobile products – downloads, entertainment, or mobile phones themselves. This appears to be changing in Europe, according to a new study released by comScore, which shows an increase in mobile ads for consumer goods such as food, clothing, and consumer electronics.

The comScore M:Metrics data shows that SMS-based mobile advertising for certain categories of consumer goods has grown very rapidly over the past year. For example, food advertising grew at a rate of 53%, followed by clothing/fashion at 38 percent and restaurants at 37 percent. Overall consumer goods SMS advertising grew by over 15% whereas advertising for mobile products actually fell by almost 10%.


The consumer response rate was also very good for certain consumer categories. 16 percent of those receiving an advert for a restaurant responded, and 13 percent of those receiving an offer for food, such as grocery coupons, responded. Response rates for mobile related products remained flat at about 4%.


Alistair Hill, analyst at comScore commented: “Mobile advertisers are beginning to show a higher level of sophistication in their targeting efforts, as the targeting criterion is no longer ‘has mobile phone’ but is based on knowledge of consumers’tastes and behaviors. Clearly, consumers are responding as the quantity of SMS ads decreases and the quality increases.”

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