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Rapid Mobile develops mobile solutions to enable any business to communicate directly with its key audiences.

Ad360 is a suite of intelligent mobile advertising and marketing solutions. Businesses, such as online retailers, listings companies, content providers, and advertising agencies, can use Ad360’s simple interface to deliver cleverly targeted and timely messages to practically any mobile device.

Writers and readers of “new media” analysts’ reports will know just how lucrative and widespread mobile advertising is supposed to become in the next few years. Real world marketing and advertising professionals, meanwhile, continue to express frustration at how technically difficult it is to make mobile advertising work well — not least because of the sheer variety of mobile devices in circulation.

Rapid Mobile’s Ad360’s Active Provisioning™ and ThinkPhone™ architecture banishes this frustration. With Ad360, intelligently targeted mobile advertising works today. And it works on practically everybody’s phone — today, tomorrow, next year and the year after.

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