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New BMW Campaign Utilizes Mobile Image Recognition

bmw3.gifBMW has used an innovative mobile marketing technology – image recognition – to help market their new automotive technology. The system makes it very easy for interested consumers to get more detailed information about the BMW ActiveHybrid technology.

BMW ActiveHybrid links innovative vehicle concepts with pioneering drive technology, thus producing reduced fuel consumption and emissions while as the same time improving driving dynamics. For consumers who would like to find out more about this new technology, BMW is utilizing an innovative system to provide more detailed information.

For more information about BMW’s innovation activities in mobile marketing, read the MobiAD interview with Marc Mielau, Innovation Manager for Mobile Marketing at BMW.

In the November BMW magazine, there are pictures of the BMW Concept X6 ActiveHybrid and the BMW Concept 7 Series ActiveHybrid cars. All a consumer needs to do is to take a photograph of one of these images, then send it using MMS to a special short code. In return, they will receive a link to a special mobile website. The mobile website has detailed information, wallpapers, and animations illustrating the ActiveHybrid technology.

The pictures can be photographed without any need for codes or special additional software. Mobile image recognition happens via standard functions such as MMS or e-mail and can thus be used on almost any mobile phone, provided it has a camera.

From a marketing perspective, the advantages of linking print and the ‘mobile web’ are clear: mobile image recognition offers BMW Magazine readers the opportunity to access information above and beyond what is in the magazine – the article from the journal is extended, as it were, into the mobile internet.

BMW believes they are the first German car manufacturer to use mobile image recognition marketing. They have plans to to use it in other marketing channels beyond the BMW magazine. This could eventually include photography of 3D objects – in other words a consumers directly taking pictures of real cars as part of a campaign.

The “Mobile image recognition for ActiveHybrid“ project was realised in collaboration with Kooaba AG, Zurich.


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