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Dizzee Rascal
Driving record sales through dialogue

blyk_dizzee_short.gifDizzee Rascal (a hip hop MC from UK) was launching a new single, “Dance wiv me”, and he wanted help to get to number one in the UK charts. So he ran a targeted campaign on Blyk.

From our recent interview with Shaun Gregory, CEO of Blyk UK.

The campaign had several parts:

  • Two weeks before release, music fans were sent a simple teaser message that said “Are you feeling Dizzee?” No more detail than that was needed, and it was a simple SMS message.
  • On the day of release, those people that had responded to the initial SMS were sent re-contacted with an exclusive “Dizzie” wallpaper, and information about where members could buy the single or the entire CD.
  • Two days into the release week, another message was sent saying “Help Dizzee get to number one”
  • After release week, fans were given a chance to ask questions to Dizzee, with free music for the best responses.


The results were great. The teaser SMS went out to almost 60,000 music fans, and 39% of them responded. On the day of release, 34% of the fans contacted opted into receiving the wallpaper.

And finally, Dizzee did in fact reach number one in the UK, selling 40,000 copies in one week. Subsequent research showed that Blyk members represented 6% of his total sales!

Next week, we will cover two additional Blyk campaigns:
• House of Fraser – Relaunching Retail Stores, and
• Department of Children – A Survey on “What do teenagers do with their free time?”

Stayed tuned!

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