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House of Fraser
Relaunching retail stores

blyk_fraser_short.gifHouse of Fraser is a leading clothing store, who wanted to “re-launch” a number of their retail stores around the UK. To do this, they ran a campaign on the youth-oriented Blyk mobile network.

(from our recent interview with Shaun Gregory, CEO of Blyk UK.)

The campaign took place during September, 2009, and started with the Glasgow store where HOF had just finished a major refurbishment of the menswear department.


The campaign targeted both male and female members of Blyk, and offered tickets to a special opening event at the store, including champagne, a catwalk show, music, and a 25% discount on certain items.

Members were also asked if they wanted to be a VIP guest to an afterparty at a local club. The first 20 members who responded ‘yes’ won two tickets each.


HOF also used Blyk to get feedback from customers on their stores in each region. Some of the responses included:
• ‘It’s good and I would like a job there so can you help me?’ (London)
• ‘Yes, its amazing, great size and more room to browse for clothes. And as it is in a new building and new location it appeals much much more.’ (Bristol)

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