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Consumer Insights Report – Mobile Gamers

consumer_insight.gifWith over 100 million game downloads, ad-supported mobile games distributor Greystripe is uniquely positioned to share consumer insights metrics.

These statistics have been collected from Greystripe’s internal database of users, and reveal a deeper look at the consumers playing their games, along with mobile gaming demographics, click-through rates and exclusive iPhone statistics. The results provide a meaningful inside look into the advertising potential of mobile games.


One of the most interesting areas of this study is relates to the iPhone. According to Greystripe, “with the addition of the iPhone to the market, the user demographic for mobile games is changing and the advertising industry therefore needs to keep up with an ever-growing user base of savvy mobile game players.”

Looking at the numbers, it is clear that iPhone game players are a part of a coveted demographic in the advertising world. Here are some excerpts from this report:

  • Greystripe’s iPhone games are the most popular among the sought-after 18 to 34-year old age group, with 48% of users falling into that category.
  • Additionally, this coveted demographic is well-educated and affluent, with 80% having attended college and 46% making more than $78K a year.
  • Most importantly, these users are accessing the mobile Web and playing games significantly more frequently than has previously been seen. Seventy-five percent of iPhone game players access the mobile Web at least once a day, while 66% use it more than once a day.


Similar data, including male/female split, number of children, and amount of time spent playing games is also given acrose the entire universe of Greystripe’s US customers.

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