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Orange Digital Media Index: Consumers Have Huge Appetite For Mobile Media

orange_sunrise.gifOrange has released their latest Digital Media Index, a detailed report looking at usage patterns across Orange’s entertainment and communications services.

The index shows a strong increase is 3G subscribers, mobile search, and social networks, leading to a level of mobile data usage has almost doubled over the past quarter. (available for download)

This index provides an illuminating snapshot of the Orange subscriber base and their mobile media usage habits.

Some other interesting statistics from the report include:

  • 3G subscribers are up 86% from one year ago;
  • use of mobile dongles for internet access has skyrocketed, up over 2000% from one year ago (yes, two thousand percent!);
  • mobile search has increased by 30% in 6 months, with local search increasing 100%.

In a 3 month period, 1.7 million video clips were downloaded. The top categories of mobile video were:


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For a more detailed look at consumers’ mobile media usage patterns, read the MobiAD article: Understanding The Mobile Consumer

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