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Turkcell Ring Back Advertising A Big Success

turkcell_bigger.gifSeveral months ago, Turkcell launched TonlaKazan, a new, advertising based ring back service which enabled Turkcell subscribers to win airtime as their callers listened to ring back ads.

Since then, 200,000 subscribers have signed up, and 50 different brands have run campaigns using the service.

Turkcell is the largest GSM operator in Turkey with 36.3 million postpaid and prepaid customers (as of 9/2008*) with a market share of approximately 56% (as of 6/2008*).

In May 2008 the TonlaKazan service was launched. TonlaKazan subscribers can choose a branded message that people hear – instead of a standard ringtone – when they call that subscriber. The subscribers would then earn free airtime depending on how many people called and how long they listened to the advertisements. Turkcell also introduced a new advertising charging method called CPL, “charge per listening” (this MobiAD article explains the service in more detail.).

Since then, some fifty different brands have launched 72 campaigns using the Tone & Win platform including major brands like Akbank, Coca-Cola, Universal, Digiturk, Garanti Bankasi, Kraft, Nestle, Nivea, P&G, and Unilever. Each campaign had a minimum duration of two weeks, and at the end of each campaign Turkcell would provide the brands with a detailed report containing members’ demographics, socioeconomic status, total impressions and total branded RBT seconds listened to by callers.

Turkcell reports that on average, Tone & Win subscribers are awarded 20 minutes of airtime per month, although this number can reach up to 40 minutes for some subscribers who receive lots of incoming calls. Although it was only open to a limited amount of members during the beta period, the loyalty program has currently grown to over 200,000 members and has now been made available to all Turkcell subscribers.

Cenk Serdar, Turkcell Business Development CEO said, “The Tone & Win platform … has reached over 200,000 members since its launch, creating more than six million monthly impression in six months. Additionally, the platform is decreasing the churn rates of Turkcell subscribers who are Tone & Win members by giving free text and minutes in return for sending sms/mms ads daily. This new ad-funded business model shows great promise and the potential to surpass other models in mobile marketing.”

Tone & Win was developed with 4Play Digital Workshop, Turkcell’s business partner that provides innovative products and ideas.

Read the full Turkcell press release.

* Source: The Telecommunications Authority

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