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US Mobile Media Surges, But Consumers Say Some Hurdles Still Exist

azuki.gifAzuki Systems recently released a survey of US mobile consumers which indicates a surge in usage of mobile media, as well as details about how consumers are spending their time on the phone. The study also highlights that there are still some common barriers facing consumers.

Azuki is a technology provider enabling Interactive Mobile Media Services for content publishers and mobile operators. They conducted the market survey during the autumn of 2008, included sampling across age groups, from high school students to senior citizens. The goal was to better understand today’s mobile phone users as well as to learn about emerging trends and anticipated future behavior. 

Some of the key findings of the survey are:

  • Talking: 33% talk on their mobile phones more than 10 hours per week. The youngest generation is spending even more time, with 34% of those 17 and younger talking for more than 15 hours/week.
  • Email: 50% access their e-mails from their mobile phones, with nearly 30% of those between the ages of 35 and 44 doing so for more than two hours per week.
  • Social Networking 25% percent are accessing social networking sites from their mobile devices, and one in seven between the ages of 23 to 34 is doing so for more than two hours/week.
  • TXT Messaging: Of the 79% who send text messages from their phones, 29% do so for more than two hours/week. Again, the younger generations prove to be power users, with 37% of those less than the age of 22 texting for more than two hours/week. With only a gradual drop-off in text messaging for 23 to 44 year-olds, a generational gap is evident with a sharp decline to almost no usage for those approaching age 60 and older.
  • Mobile Internet 52% access the Web via their mobile phones, and 35 to 44 year-olds are leveraging this technology the most, with 60% spending time each week surfing the Web.
  • Mobile TV:25% access video on their mobile phones, with 88% of this group spending less than two hours/week, which may indicate a growing appetite for rich media with shorter duration viewing patterns.

Consumers also showed strong support for smartphones, with 62% of respondents indicating that they either own now or will own a smart phone in the next 12 months.

The survey also uncovered a number of common consumer complaints. The top three were
 1) It takes too long to download to my phone.
 2) It’s too hard to find and navigation is too difficult.
 3) Media content is not available or not formatted to work on my phone.

There is a lot more information in the full report. To get the download link for this study, please enter your email address here:

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