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Unilever’s AXE Reveals Effectiveness Of iPhone “Flash” Ad

axe_determinator.gifAd network Greystripe has released very encouraging metrics about the effectiveness of a new ad campaign for Unilever’s AXE products, including a 15% lift in intent to purchase.

The campaign utilizes new Greystripe technology that translates Flash applications into formats that can run on the iPhone.

AXE is always looking for innovative ways to engage their target audience. The AXE “Dirty Night Determinator” experience was created to support the launch of the AXE Detailer Shower Tool. Axe is using the iPhone as an innovative new way to reach their target audience, specifically the 18-34 year old male demographic, which is especially prevalent amongst iPhone users and mobile gamers

Basically, it started as an online Flash game, where the users interact with the ad to calculate how “dirty” their night will get. Since flash does not run on the iPhone, it has been difficult to migrate flash based content to the iPhone. Recently Greystripe released a technology that can convert flash apps into a combination of java and html that does run on iPhone, and provides an experience similar to flash.

(to read more about flash on the iPhone – or reasons why there isn’t flash on the iPhone – check out this post in the Wired blog.)


comScore gathered results on the effectiveness of the campaign, which were very positive:

  • 56% of respondents who interacted with the mobile ad intended to purchase the product, opposed to the 35% who were exposed to the ad, but did not interact. This 60% lift demonstrates the power of interactivity to drive an increased intention to purchase.
  • The “Dirty Night Determinator” ad was most successful amongst men, with 62% who interacted with the Flash ad indicating intention to purchase the AXE Detailer.

“The AXE brand continually adopts new technologies that offer the opportunity to reach our target in engaging and unexpected ways,” said Shane Kent, AXE Shower Brand Manager. “The mobile ad campaign for the ‘Dirty Night Determinator’ has been successful because it increased awareness for the AXE Detailer by allowing users to tell the story of why the product is relevant to their lives.”

Note: AXE is the international brand name for the product named LYNX in the UK. Read about another innovative mobile campaign by Lynx Builds Weapons of Mass Seduction

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