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Exit Games to implement ads in multiplayer mobile games

exit gamesMobile advertising solutions company Amobee and games publisher Exit Games have signed an agreement that will place ads in multiplayer handheld devices. This will give publishers of mobile games more creative ways to monetize their content.

The deal will allow Exit Games licensees to enable ads through Amobee’s Handset Application Programming Interface (HAPI). The ads will appear in different forms such as pre-roll, interstitials between levels, product placement, and in-game units. Ads will also be selected depending on the condition within a game.

Developers can chose different fee options, from an ad-subsidized format where a lower fee is paid and fewer ads are served, to a fully ad-supported model where the game is provided for free. Since the advertising is served on a player opt-in basis, developers can forgo the ad component completely.

Download the press release HERE.

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