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Flirtomatic To Start Social Network Profiling

flirtomatic.gifFlirtomatic, the UK based flirting and dating service, has decided to use the “social intelligence” solutions from Xtract to gain better insight into their customers, with the aim to eventually to offer more relevant advertising.

Xtract’s Social Links solution will be used to analyse both the online and mobile subscribers to the Flirtomatic service. Social Links develops a profile for each person along three dimensions:

  • standard demographic data,
  • behavioural data (eg their usage of the service), and
  • Social network influence information

This third bit of data is what is really new and interesting. Using this, members who are especially influential in their community can be identified, and then targeted with special campaigns. Later in 2009 Flirtomatic plans use this capability to enable third party advertising within its sites based.

“The early results from customer segmentation are very insightful and exciting. We can now see considerable potential, as the business scales, to directly improve our revenues through a sophisticated view of our customers, their behaviour and the pattern of their relationships,” said Mark Curtis, CEO of Flirtomatic.

It will be very interesting to see what additional benefits can actually be gained from this use of social network information. Mobile social networks are expanding very rapidly, and learning how to run highly relevant advertising will be key to developing profitable business behind them.

Read the full press release.

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