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Smartphone Sales Grow, But Nokia Share Drops

nokia_smartphone.gifGartner, Inc has released their latest figures on sales of smartphone devices for 2008.

Overall unit sales grew by almost 14%, but Q4 showed only about a 4% growth.

Nokia is still the dominant vendor, but their share of Q4 units was 41%, down from 51% last year.

Samsung made it to the “top 5″ list for the first time.

Nokia’s smartphone sales dropped to 15.6 million in 4Q08 compared to 18.7 million a year ago. Major gains were made by Research In Motion (RIM), Apple, HTC, and Samsung, which grew 138% from last year and entered the top 5 for the first year, displacing Sharp.

Total units sold for the full year were 139.3 million devices, representing 12 percent of all mobile device sales, a slight rise from 11 percent in the year-earlier quarter.


Looking at the market share of smartphone operating systems, not surprisingly Symbian suffered a large year-on-year decline, from 62% in Q4 2007 to 47% in Q4 2008. The big gains came for RIM and the Mac OS (iPhone), each of which almost doubled in market share. Microsoft Windows Mobile stayed essentially constant at around 12%.


This area is going to continue to see increased competition as the mobile internet grows and more consumers want the power of a smartphone. And the mix of operating systems will be a concern of marketers who are building mobile marketing apps and need to decide which platform will give them the best combination of handsets, features, reach, and customer segment.

For more statistics and analysis, read the full Gartner release.

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