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Operators Reveal What Will Drive Future Of Messaging

airwide1.gifAirwide Solutions has commissioned independent research to poll operators about ‘what’s hot and what’s not’ in mobile messaging around the world.

The results include social networks, mobile advertising, and location services, and have been compiled in a white paper which looks at the opportunities and outlines operator investment plans for the next 12 months.

All the operators surveyed said that they will invest in advanced data services, such as mobile applications, location-based services and mobile broadband over the next 12 months. And moreover, almost 2/3 of the operators believe that messaging will be a key component in delivering new data services to their consumers.

Clearly one of the biggest drivers will be social networking. Operators believe that the use of messaging fits well with social networks – eg for sending in updates, posting pictures, etc.


Many of the operators surveyed thought mobile advertising was important for messaging, but to a lesser extent than other factors. For example, about one-third of the operators believed mobile advertising would play a “very important” role and one-third said an “important” role in future growth of messaging.

The report points out, “This is surprisingly low given that 50% of operators expect marketing to generate the most revenues for advanced messaging applications, though this does indicate that existing messaging infrastructure will serve the requirements of mobile marketing.”

The survey also concluded that the primary area for messaging growth will be “alternate” messaging (including MMS, IM, email), with Enterprise messaging a secondary growth driver, and consumer SMS messaging a tertiary driver.


This whitepaper covers a number of additional topics including operator investment plans, and discusses the likely future of mobile messaging. Most recently, the robot was the essence of fantastic cartoons and books. Now, any child can not only develop with the help of robots (memorize words and numbers, distinguish shapes, colors, emotions), but even be friends with a robot. Today we will tell about developing robotic toys. New reality: educational robots for children rather, these robots teach children social skills: communicating with their peers, friendship, sharing games. They are smart enough to memorize the childs behavior, play with it, spend time.

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This research was conducted by independent firm Direct2 Mobile.
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