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Will Twitter Move To Search Ads?

twitter.gifSan Francisco based Twitter, the third largest social network globally, has recently made improvements to its search functionality in a move that many believe will lead to Twitter search ads and a new revenue stream for Twitter.

The new search function would let consumers and companies scan the feeds of Twitter’s 6 million members in order to get up-to-the-minute information about key topics and trends.

The big advantage of a search on Twitter would be that it would be very current, as it is based on the most recent “tweets” (twitter term for the messages that users send). As Twitter is often used primarily as a means of sharing opinions, it may prove an excellent way for companies to keep very up to date about what consumers are saying and thinking about their brands.

And if Twitter develops into a popular search service, then it would be a natural next step to place search ads near the results. Twitter has been the center of a lot of discussion recently related to possible monetization schemes, and this seems to be a likely one.

According to AdAge, Twitter wants to avoid bringing in display ads because it would feel “tacked on”. However, targeted, relevant seach ads are often viewed by consumers more as a source of information and content.

For more about the changes to Twitter, see this post on Search Engine World.

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