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Orange Research Shows Mobile Media & Marketing Are Becoming Mainstream

orange-logo.gifThe results of a recent study by Orange on consumer mobile media habits shows that mobile has now become mainstream for consumers.

The survey followed more than 2,000 mobile media users from across all UK mobile networks, and focused on consumer consumption of mobile media and attitudes towards mobile when used as a marketing channel.

Just about a year ago we reported on Exposure, the Orange research project on Understanding The Mobile Consumer: Orange UK Reveals Consumer Research on Mobile Media Consumption & Attitudes to Advertising.

This Exposure 2 project is the second intended to look at mobile media within the broader media landscape in the UK, and it includes both qualitative and quantitative research .

Some of the study highlights concerning mobile media consumption are:

  • 81% of mobile media users access mobile media more than once a week with 46% using it daily.
  • key locations for mobile media are in the home, as well as on public transport and around town.
  • The average age for mobile media users is 36, and men generally use mobile media more.
  • The mobile internet pages viewed most often are search engines, email, news, music and film.

Regarding mobile as a marketing channel, the study revealed the following:

  • Mobile media users are very receptive to mobile marketing, and mobile is viewed as the most innovative and personal media channel compared to all other traditional and digital channels.
  • Short SMS codes remain a popular marketing mechanic, having been used by two-thirds of participants.
  • 70% of participants are attracted more by interactive marketing formats, such as sponsorship, coupons or picture messaging mechanics.
  • In general, consumers viewed marketing formats with perceived value as the most appealing, such as coupons offering discounts and sponsored games available for free download.

Also, it interesting to note that now over half the people reported that sometimes they simply browse the mobile internet with no specific objective in mind. This should be an excellent opportunity for brands to capture their attention through interesting, useful, relevant advertising.

Steve Heald, Director of Partner Channels at Orange UK, said: “Exposure 2 shows that mobile media is now very much part of the mainstream for consumers. The public’s openness to marketing through mobile media highlights that there is a huge opportunity for marketers to engage consumers with clever executions. I hope the findings will prove to be a catalyst for a wave of inspiring and creative marketing campaigns that capitalise on mobile’s unique properties as the most personal and innovative of channels.”

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