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Your Personal Ponzi Scheme: “Made Off” On Your Mobile

bernie_madeoff.gifAd-funded games company Cellufun seems to have a talent for coming up with unique, topically relevant mobile games.

Last year they released the world’s first “Mobile Political Boxing Game” for the US presidential election campaign.

And now they are releasing what must be the world’s first Mobile Scam Simulation, called “Made Off” (as in “I made off with your money”).


The game lets a player setup an investment fund, establish a rate of interest, and then advertise to potential investors. Interest has to be paid to the investors at the advertised rate, but the money to pay the interest can only come from new investments. So the fund has to keep growing to survive – just like a real Ponzi scheme.

If your fund can’t cover interest payments, it goes bankrupt.


Other people can play as investors: they invest money in funds, earn interest, and try to take it out before the fund goes bankrupt.

The game is set to launch on May 11, so check it out on the Cellufun site:

Cellufun is one of the world’s largest mobile entertainment communities where people socialize, play games, and buy virtual goods for self expression, gifting, and for competitive advantage. The Cellufun platform on any mobile network, on any phone, and in more than ten languages.

With over 200 million monthly page views, Cellufun also partners with global brands to deliver branded entertainment and custom-designed mobile marketing solutions.

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